Better Org Design

Cone helps companies leverage market principles and decentralized management to become insanely scalable, innovative, and resilient




Measured per person, cities become more productive, innovative, and resilient as they grow, yet corporations tend to do the opposite. The issue is that hierarchies fundamentally can’t scale. As complexity increases in a firm, incentives become increasingly misaligned and the chain of command becomes increasingly limiting.

By enabling teams to function as semi-autonomous startups and the organization as whole to function like a platform, Cone allows firms to make use of the same market principles that make cities innovative, scalable, and adaptive.

Our tools and services help clients design and deploy new ways of organizing. On the conservative side, we help companies rethink managerial accounting, metrics, and variable compensation without departing too far from their current operating structure. On the more radical side, we help organizations create large networks of interconnected businesses. Most likely, we'll find a sweet spot for you somewhere in the middle.





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How we can reduce income inequality and improve happiness by decentralizing corporations

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